A simple, correct PEP 517 package builder.

build will invoke the PEP 517 hooks to build a distribution package. It is a simple build tool and does not perform any dependency management.

python -m build

usage: python -m build [-h] [--version] [--sdist] [--wheel] [--outdir dir]
                       [--skip-dependencies] [--no-isolation]
                       [--config-setting CONFIG_SETTING]

source directory (defaults to current directory)

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--version, -V

show program’s version number and exit

--sdist, -s

build a source package

--wheel, -w

build a wheel

--outdir <dir>, -o <dir>

output directory (defaults to {srcdir}/dist)

--skip-dependencies, -x

does not check for the dependencies

--no-isolation, -n

do not isolate the build in a virtual environment

--config-setting <config_setting>, -C <config_setting>

pass option to the backend


A pyproject-build CLI script is also available, so that tools such as pipx can use it.

By default build will build the package in an isolated environment, but this behavior can be disabled with --no-isolation.